Friday, February 15, 2008

Alexandra Loves her Rubber Duckies

So Ally for the past week has been loving her rubber ducks. I think it comes from watching that sesame street movie she loves. She will grab her ducks & line them up, put them in her pockets & purse. It is funny. But if she loses the white, pink or blue one we are IN FOR IT! Those are the top 3 duckies!

She first lined them up on the dishwasher, then had me take a picture....then she ran over to her slide...lined them up & said mommy...cheese, cheese duckies!

Ally going through which Duckies get to come while we go to get coffee...

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Sara (McGowan) Stredicke said...

Can she get any cuter! Man, I can't wait to see her reactions and hear what she has to say when she meets her new brother! CUTIE!