Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I gave both my kiddos a bath, then I pulled little d out of the tub........dried him off, put lotion on him, a diaper & jammies..........

Then Ally gets out of the tub and we go into her room.........I am about to put lotion on her & I realize that Dustin is not in the room- So I TAKE OFF into the bathroom-

Ally & I found this:

She decided that she will join in.........Elmo was watching too!

I do admit it was only funny because Dustin was fine. IT COULD HAVE BEEN SOOO BAD! Scares the shit out of me how fast these things can happen. He was seriously missing for about 5 seconds! I swear I cannot take my eyes of of him for a half of second!


Stacie and Rich said... scary, but how adorable are your kids! I just want to hug them both!!!

Love ya!

Mama Kat said...

Oh GAWD!!! Kainoa SO would have done something like that with his pjs on and everything. Aren't boys into EVERYTHING!?! It helps that they're cute.