Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dustin's Boo BOO

Dustin hit his head on a shelf in our garage coming into the house. He ended up having 14 staples in his head. It hurts. He is not too happy about it!! Why is it that ER's take sooo long. The wait at Highline (not my choice to go there), was 5 hours... so we went to Valley Medical, the wait there was about 2 hours..then we got to go into the rapid care part so we did not have to wait even longer. But it is over & done with!! :) Now he will have a "cool guy" scar. ;) Here are some pictures.......not too gross.

All stapled up
On the way from highline to valley
waiting to see the doctor
Just got a tetanus shot....don't let him fool you... he is a big baby
The cut.
Getting the cut being cleaned


Anonymous said...

Oh man that looks bad!!
That had to hurt..
I guess this time my hugs will be for Dustin!!

Etzkorn Family said...

Poor Dustin. That is the worst one I have seen in awhile. Hopefully you are feeling better. I agree with you on the ER thing. They all SUCK!!!

Carleena said...

I know it is a little way to go but Issaquah has a Swedish Hospital ER and they are the BEST -When Cara burnt her hand we were in and out in 40 minutes....Actually we have been there a few times with Cara and every time we are out of there within an hour.

I hope Dustin heals fast - - Those shots hurt:(

Anonymous said...

I just showed these pictures of the cut to Bob...He is wondering why you would have your camera with you at the hospital??
The needle one just about did it for him.. But he loved the crab and fishing ones!!

Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

I just got back from Houston so finally getting a few minutes here at work to catch up on the fam. Ouch Dustin! You poor thing. Doncha just hate it when things just jump out at you from no where?! Hope you are feeling better! Kris