Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We went on a fishing trip out in the sound. It was a lot of fun, well besides the part with me feeling sick, I am not thinking so much sea sick, I was thinking that at first, but I think that I was just up to early~ I almost felt hung over, but since I did not drink- who knows. There were 6 of us: Dustin, me, Joe, Brett, Buzz & Tate. Then the guide. We went somewhere by Ballard. We caught 9 silvers & 1 pink. I have to say it was different than I thought, but we had a good time!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...could it be morning sickness? Just a thought..
Looks like lots of fun..
Next pool party you will be there!!!
hugs for all,

Etzkorn Family said...

I second Carla's thought. Might a 2nd holmes be on the way??????