Monday, August 06, 2007

Night out on the town

A few Friday's ago Alexandra stayed the night at Auntie Katie's & Uncle Joe's so Dustin & I could go out on the town (first time since ally was born.) It was fun we went to 88 keys. A dueling piano bar. Needless to say he had tons of fun, drank too much & got our fill for another year or so. ;)

Brian & Dustin
Jen & John Beaty
Me & Erika
Dustin & I
Erika & Brian DuBoise


Anonymous said...

Oh what I would give to be or feel young enough to go out and party again!!
Well maybe not I seemed to get myself in lots of trouble when I was involved in the word party!!
You look great!! Well I guess Dustin does too.
hug my Ally,

Kathy said...

A night on the town?? Doesn't sound like a very responsible mother to me...I wanna go!! I wanna go!! Just kidding, I bet she did great!!