Friday, August 03, 2007

Swimming in the "BIG" water.....

The water was a whopping 72.4 degrees, but a nice warm day & a crazy auntie & uncle to make Reese have an awesome time swimming in the biggest water ever! She had a blast & did not want to get out.

Now she will associate fishing in lake Washington with jumping out of the boat & swimming ;)


Anonymous said...

I think Reese scored all the way around!! Not only a great uncle she has the perfect Aunt!! Way to go Presca!!

DiOrio Family said...

wow...i love those pictures, good job auntie. i dont think i've ever seen reese smile that big in all my life!

Anonymous said...

It's funny you said that about Reese's smile. When I saw it I thought that smile will get her far in life..She gets prettier everytime I see her!!
See you guys at Carl's..
hugs for my girls,