Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update on me...

Everybody keeps asking how I am doing... So I thought it would be easiest to blog it.

I am recovering well. Everyday the pain gets better! I still get sharp burning pains when I stand up, but nothing like they were a couple days ago. SO I have to say I am doing quite well.

As for dealing with 2 kids... I really haven't had to face that reality fully yet. Katie has taken Alexandra for a couple hours yesterday & today and before that, Dustin was home. When they are both here together it is a complete challenge. Ally is so smart that she knows my limits and that I cannot do what I normally would. She had 8 weeks while I was on bed rest to find that she pretty much knows I can get up & bust her, but I do it slowly but I still cannot chase her.

She is being so very sweet to her baby brother, but not so much to mama. She is a stinker, but I don't blame her at all. What a HUGE change to go through. It will all be normal soon! I just have to heal & make sure she still feels special here in this house!

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