Monday, April 28, 2008


We have been home for 1 day now. Things are going well. Alexandra is adapting pretty good. She has had a few break downs, but other than that happy as can be. She is getting tons of Daddy's attention! She feels pretty special!
Lil' D is doing great. Everything he should be doing.......eating, sleeping, peeing & pooping. Tonight he stayed awake for almost 2 I am hoping he will have a quiet night. :)

Alexandra helping out with tummy time

TRUE LOVE.... it melts my heart!

Now this is a happy COOL girl

Our goofball girl......nothing like some yogurt & whip cream

Very content... then there is a little hand always going into his bassinet checking on him.


Sara (McGowan) Stredicke said...

They are both so amazing. I love seeing all the new pics. Keep putting them up!!!

Kathy said...

Maile had a couple breakdowns when we came home with Laina too. She still does. ;)

ps they DO look so much alike!!!!

DiOrio Fam said...

so cute! keep those pics coming !

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going so well..
Both are beautiful babies!!
How are you feeling?
hugs for all,