Sunday, June 08, 2008

fevers suck

So last night I got a fever..It was almost 104. So I have not had a fever in forever.....I cannot remember the last time. It is horrible......miserable.....just aweful. My jaw was chattering...I had the worst chills ever.......My legs were super tight from clenching I think. It was nasty. I thought it was done with was just 99. well it snuck up & attacked me at 3:00. Another high fever. It is hard to break it also, I had to take a combo of 2 advil then 2 tylenol. Plus a sore throat & a stiff achey body and a runny/stuffy nose.
I really should not really could be worse, but it is summertime......what is all this sickness! I think this is what Ally had.......Dustin (big Dustin) is getting it.....he is achey from head to toe. uuugghh. Just sucks.

So if I dont post for a couple days.....this is why. We are a bunch of sickies.

I just want to tell everybody in the world.........when you are sick.-STAY HOME- when your kids have a fever- STAY HOME, keep them home for 24 hrs after!
Wash hands........
No sharing drinks or food!!

I am just awaiting the warm weather & summer fun!


Mama's Losin' It said...

Hopefully it's JUST a fever and not a blocked breast duct aka mastitis. Have you had that before?? Do one of your boobs feel engorged and painful even after a feeding?? I hope not...

Angela said...

Sick...I really hope you don't have what Kathy is talking about! Sounds like you need a shot of Nyquil & a shot of whiskey...seriously, it works!

Princess said...

nah... not unless my boob is in my throat. If I am not better by tomorrow I am going to the Doc's office. BOO!! No fun. Fevers, sore throat.....stuffy/runny nose....aches. AACCCKKk!