Friday, June 27, 2008

pictures pictures pictures

Pictures of the kids & a video at the bottom of Ally.

That is definately a look`
Ally is just in heaven with him around
My darn camera is so stinking slow that I caught the end of his smile. He smiles at his sister all the time, but he is a stubborn one & doesn't just hand them out!

This is my drama queen. She was mad about something so she started to throw a fit.

Here is a video of Ally's performance. When I stopped it, I showed it to her & asked her if she looked silly. She said, yea... I look Silly.....oohhh that silly.


Anonymous said...

This can't be my sweet Ally!!
hugs for all,

Mama's Losin' It said...

I love that Dustin is just laying back there like, "whatev".

Laina puts her hands in her mouth like that when she cries too. Drives me nuts...she's either choking herself or drooling all over the place. Why can't they cry a little cleaner??

Anonymous said...

Hey I forgot to thank you for the pictur of Dustin!! Really cute!!
hugs for all,

The Dacy Family said...

Little D is so darn handsome!!! What a cutie!