Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alexandra & Little D

I took Dustin to get his 4 month pictures today! Alexandra was with of course she had to "say cheese". She even started to cry when somebody got to go in front of us. Dustin's appt. is on friday, so I will give you update afterwards.

Here ya go:

This one cracks me up. They were both giggling so hard!!

I could just stare at my 2 babies all day long- well if they are both sitting quietly or sleeping! ;)


Mrs Joe DiOrio said...

those are two cute kids!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are really cute..I love the one of him laying on Ally... Just a few more days and they will all be running and playing and searching in the hay!!
I think Ally is gettin old enough for the egg toss!!
I really can't wait!!
hugs for all,

Sara (McGowan) Stredicke said...

I love them!! They bring a smile to my face!!!

Zach, Erin, Colin &Tate said...

so adorable!

Stacie & Rich's Blog said...

So freakin' cute! I love them!

nadinehayes said...


Etzkorn Family said...

Those are awesome. Great pics to cherish forever!!!

Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

Those are so great!! Always a crap shoot to get two happy kids at the same time and yours pulled it off beautifully! See ya tomorrow!!