Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures of the kids


BBQ at Joe & katies


Allison said...

Little Dustin looks like he might have some dimples?? I love his smile!

Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

Me too Allison...I am loving all the big cheesy smiles by the Holmes kids. Just the fix I needed on my Friday!!
Missing you at Josie's party...hope you have a blast!

Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

Ha....just to be clear...I am missing Presca....I don't think Allison is going to make it from Montana....oh heck...I am assuming this is Rocky's Allison. Boy I hope so or I am looking pretty silly right now...

Anonymous said...

I knew just what you meant..and know one gets more messed up then me!!
Have lots of fun and kiss them all for me,

Anonymous said...

Now back to the pictures!!
I love them all,
This little guy your babysitting looks like he is fitting right in..There is nothing harder than to leave you child while you work..So nice he is with you someone so fair and caring..
hugs for everybody!!