Tuesday, September 09, 2008



On October 5Th I am doing the 5K breast cancer walk. I have sent an e-mail out to most people, but figured it would not hurt to post for others to see.

I usually do these walks for exercise & to help the cause. But this time it is even more special to me. I have a family member who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. She is by far one of the strongest people that I know. She is a very sweet & caring amazing person- We all lover her very much. I always ask her, what can I do? Well she has such an awesome family & support group- my thoughts & prayers are all I have been able to do for her. Now I feel with doing this walk, I can help her & other women fighting to beat breast cancer!

Please Join my team the "rat city walkers" or donate what you can whether it is $1.00 or $100. Everything counts!

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated too.


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Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

Thank you Presca!!! Your support is wonderful and just knowing your good vibes are on my side is such a comfort. Wish me luck on Friday..I kwow all will go well. I look forward to hearing how your walk goes. XXOO Kris