Tuesday, September 02, 2008

*First Day of Gymnastics Class*

Alexandra had her first gymnastics class today at the Little Gym! She did so good & had so much fun. It was hard getting her out of there once the class was over. For the most part she stayed with me & did what the instructor was doing. Her most favorite part is the bars. She is a monkey!!

Abby Etzkorn & Colin Jones is doing it too!! It is awesome to have friends in the class. We rode with Abby & Tracy- so no pics of Colin. I will get some though!!

It was an absolute MUST to get her a leotard!! (Thanks again Katie- for watching the kids while I ran to target!) Ally is pretty proud of herself!!!!



Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cute she is...
It doesn't surprise me that she would be good at this...After seeing her dance moves I think she is a natural for all of this!!
hugs, Carla

Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

Cute as always. Was great to spend some time with you guys this weekend!

Mrs Joe DiOrio said...

go ally lynn go !