Thursday, September 04, 2008

He found it!

We caught Dustin sucking his thumb!! Mama says NO!! He has always put his fist in his mouth & fingers, but not his thumb. He found it & took a liking to it. I am going to put a stop to it! You can take a binki away, but not his thumb!! Doesn't he look so cute though...... won't be cute when he is 6!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that!!
Just how are you going to get him to stop?
Most stop on their own..and not at six!!
looks pretty cute to me.....

Presca Lynn said...

I am hoping it will be just like Ally, she found her thumb & every time she was sucking on it I would take it out & if she was in bed, I would put her binki in instead.... So darn it...cross your fingers for me.

NO THUMB......Binki better!
It does look cute, but BLAH!

Anonymous said...

I love the little figures around the nose...looks like he has it down pretty good doesn't it!!

Allison said...

ohhhhh! such a sweet baby boy!

Sara (McGowan) Stredicke said...

HA! He and Cole are thumb sucking twins. I'm doing the same thing - everytime I see that he's sucking on his thumb, it's a mad dash for the binki. Once he's got the binki again, it's all good. But man, if the binki gets spit out, 5 seconds later, the thumb's in. EEK! Good luck to you - wish me luck.....XOXOXOXO

Etzkorn Family said...

I have two thumb suckers, both the girls. I love it! No binki's to madly search for! Who can resist a little one with their thumb in their mouth. Just my two cents!! I am also paying for a set of braces for Paige, so you may be onto something!:)

Mrs Joe DiOrio said...

i even tried to put reese's thumb in her mouth and she didnt want to do it. i think its very very cute. now with that said, i dont necessarily want to try to get an older kid to stop. but what does it hurt? so so so cute.

Carlie,Kris,Aaron,Gracie said...

That is the cutest damn thumb sucker I have ever seen!! HA!